Our Principles

We want to make The Legal Partner the leading legal and tax firm for those looking for both personalized and state-of-the-art advice, combining knowledge acquired in prestigious domestic firms, our experience in the corporate world and a proactive approach which allows us to anticipate scenarios and provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Commitment to Excellene

We assume the high standard of professional services that our clients demand and need, and respond to such needs with our aim to be the best in our service areas. Continuous professional training, experience, knowledge of the economic sectors our clients operate in and a passion for our work which differentiates us and constitutes the basis of the added-value that we provide.



We do not consider our activity as a mere provision of services. We support our clients in all the areas of their personal and professional life, undertaking an activity of continuous advice and becoming an active element in decision making.  


Legal Support Service

In The Legal Partner we know that apart from determined transactions and projects, practically all of the important events in a company’s or an individual’s life have a legal, tax and financial aspect, essential for the success of any activity in life.